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Functional safety of modern products and industry systems containing embedded systems has become a first priority in several industrial sectors. The IEC61508 group of standards require companies to have in place "Functional Safety Management". Domain specialized standards like ISO 26262 for the passenger cars complement IEC 61508. The objective of SafEUr is to create a European-wide accredited training and certification program for Functional Safety Managers, based on a skill card which is compliant to the European Qualification Framework. SafEUr delivers modern e-learning based training, that is based on practical case studies and best industry practices. This training will be complemented by a world-wide unique web-based integration platform for industry and academia in the domain of Embedded Systems. Certified SafEUr trainers are available all across Europe, assuring a major impact and sustainability of this ECQA job role.

Measurable objectives as Outlined in the Proposal:

- Skills set with about 14 learning elements, and ca. 70 performance criteria
- Test questions pool with about 350 test questions, from which tests area randomly generated
- Training courses with about 100 managers / PhD students trained
- Fifteen trainers (training of trainers) certified in Europe
- A Europe wide Job Role Committee set up under ECQA Schema to maintain the profession
- Fulfilling the ECQA quality criteria
- Publications at EuroSPI and ECQA Conferences, and thus dissemination to some 20000 managers Europe wide and publications in Springer and Wiley


Tangible Assets Achieved in the Project (as outlined in the proposal):

Implementing European Quality Standards in Education
For a cluster of LLP projects in IT and services field an association to assure quality of training and certification was set up. The ECQA (European Certification and Qualification Association) has set up defined guidelines and procedures for (see, about ECQA, Guidelines):

- Standards about how to define skills sets
- Standards about how to design tests and test questions
- Standards about learning material development
- Standards about certification
- Standards about accreditation of training bodies

So far more than 20 LLP professions follow the same procedures Europe wide and assure Europe wide recognition. Some members in the project are also board members of ECQA.

The Certified Functional Safety Manager will follow these quality procedures and set up a Europe wide schema in collaboration with ECQA, thus assuring the compliance with European quality standards in training.

Starting the Build Up of an Experience Exchange Community

We will also link up with the safety workshop community around the EuroSPI (European Systems and Software Process Improvement and Innovation) initiative where an industry experience library of ca. 600 peer reviewed reports was created and safety articles area available as experience reports. We plan to enrich this with functional safety best practices.

In the proposal we also mention to start a workshop series around EuroSPI dealing with the functional safety topic and promoting SafEUr as a core knowledge.

Involvement of Industry Groups (real employers as users of the training)

To base the Functional Safety approach on a practical set of case studies, a set of success factors has been defined by European leading companies to be considered when applying “Functional Safety”. Also, this industry group has developed an integrated SPICE (ISO 15504) and safety(IEC 61508, ISO 26262) assessment approach.  These companies are also part of an functional safety working group of SOQRATES initiative.  In addition partners from ISO 15504 Part 10 working party are invited to integrate their approach of an extended safety  assessment.


Download SafEUr course brochure here