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4.-8.2.2013 Grenoble Institute of Technology, France
Continental Automotive, Nuremberg, Germany
18.-22.3.2013 TU Graz, Graz, Austria
22-25.4.2013 SPINET, Espoo/Helsinki, Finland
15.-19.9.2013 ZF Friedrichshafen AG, Schweinfurt, Germany
1.8.-30.9.2013 Online Course with international participation (schedule will be announced)

Industry Meetings

SafEUr involves major engineering companies who have a high need in training their staff in these new functional safety standards. The SOQRATES group was kicked off with the support of the Bavarian software initiative and since 2003 is self finnaced by the participating organisations. It comprises now about 24 multinational companies which share task forces to collaborate in the implementation of such standards. ISCN is moderator since 2003.

There were a number of SOQRATES meetings to discuss and influence the SafEUr development from leading industry:

  • SOQRATES Industry Meeting, 16.2.2012, hosted by ISCN
  • SOQRATES Industry Meeting, 10.5.2012, hosted by KTM Motorsport
  • SOQRATES Industry Meeting, 18.9.2012, hosted by ISCN
  • SOQRATES Industry Meeting, 13.12.2012, hosted by Continental Automotive
  • SOQRATES Industry Meeting, 17.1.2013, hosted by ZF Friedrichshafen AG

These companies participate actively in the pilot courses.

Automotive Industry

SafEUr is promoted to the German Automotive Association Quality Management Center. SafEur was presented as part of a workshop held at the Automotive Sys conference, in Berlin, 14.-16.5.2012.

Project meetings

11.-12.1.2012 Kick-off Meeting, Graz, Austria
Project Meeting, Nuremberg, Germany
22.-23.1.2013 Project meeting, Graz, Austria
6.-7.5.2013 Project meeting, Grenoble, France


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