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Functional Safety Manager

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Partners and Supporting Networks

Partners of the SafEUr project  
EMIRAcle – European Manufacturing and Innovation Research Association, a cluster leading excellence (Belgium and France)
Andreas Riel, andreas.riel(at)
Graz University of Technology, Institute for Technical Informatics (Austria)
Christian Kreiner, Christian.kreiner(at)
International Software Consulting Network  ISCN GmbH, ISCN Ltd. (Austria and Ireland)
Richard Messnarz, rmess(at)


Method Park Software AG (Germany)
Klaudia Dussa-Zieger, Klaudia.Dussa-Zieger(at)


SIBAC Gmbh (Germany)
Ovi Bachmann, info(at)


Spinet Oy (Finland)
Risto Nevalainen, risto.nevalainen(at)


Supporting Networks

EuroSPI Network


EuroSPI (European Systems and Software Process Imprtovement and Innovation) is a European network and conference series which was kick off financed by the EU Comett program in 1993/1994 for one year and is a leading network and conference series since 20 years now. EuroSPI has participation from 24 countries, European main employers from automotive, aerospace, and medical industry are supporters. Main publishers like Springer, Wiley, Elsevier science support EuroSPI with publication of volumes.

In the project we use the EuroSPI network to promote and disseminate functional safety and put ECQA certified functional safety manager in a key position.


European Certrification and Qualification Association (ECQA)

ECQA (European Certification and Qualification Association) is a result of two EU LLP projects (EQN 2005 - 2007, and EU Cert 2007 - 2009) which set up a Europe wide standard for skills definitions, skills assessment, training performance, and certification. So far above 30 LLP projects applied ECQA, more than 60 training bodies from 18 countries support it, and we certified above 7000 managers in all European countries and even in USA, India, Australia, Russia, etc. So it is a European best practice with standards for quality in education.

The ECQA certified functional safety manager implements all these quality standards of skill sets, standard modular structure of training material and standard Europe wide exams and certification.


The SOQRATES group was kicked off with the support of the Bavarian software initiative and since 2003 is self finnaced by the participating organisations. It comprises now about 24 multinational companies which share task forces to collaborate in the implementation of such standards. ISCN is moderator since 2003.