ECQA Certified
Functional Safety Manager

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Skill Set

The goal of SafEUr is to develop a europe-wide agreed syllabus and skills set for a ECQA Certified Functional Safety Manager with a clear focus on practice. The need for qualified safety personnel is obvious also the need for a commonly agreed skills set for a Functional Safety Manager.

As SafEUr is designed as a modular course, a trainee can attend course Units and Elements separately and independently, although it is recommended to attend the entire SafEUr course. After the course you can take an exam and become certified as ECQA Functional Safety Manager. This certificate is valid across Europe and is respected globally.

The Skill card comprises the following thematic learning units:

  1. Introduction to Functional Safety Management
  2. Management of Functional Safety
  3. Engineering Aspects of Functional Safety
  4. Functional Safety on product and production level
  5. Legal Aspects of Functional Safety

Browse through the detailed content/skill card of the ECQA Functional Safety Manager

or read the full SafEUr Skills Set document

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