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Functional Safety Manager

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Training Plan


The training will be based on assignments, active elaborations by the course participants, and discussions. All course participants will work on examples specific for their own organisation. Specifically the following exercises will be emphasised:

  • Working effectively with Safety Standards
  • Methods for Functional Safety
  • Safety Engineering
    • System Safety Analysis, Design, Test
    • Hardware Safety Analysis, Architecture
    • Software Safety Architecture, Design, Test
    • Product level Safety
  • Legal liabilities for companies and persons involved in functional safety.

The Training Comprises 5 Units with 15 Elements

1.     Introduction to Functional Safety Management
a.     Introduction to International Safety Standards
b.     Product Lifecycle
c.     Terminology used in Functional Safety

2.     Management of Functional Safety
a.     Safety management on organisational and project level
b.     Safety Requirements and Safety Case Definition
c.     Overview of Required Engineering and V&V Methods
d.     Establish and Maintain Safety Planning

3.     Engineering Aspects of Functional Safety
a.     System Hazard Analysis and Safety Concept
b.     Integrating Safety in System Design & Test
c.     Integrating Safety in Hardware Design & Test
d.     Integrating Safety in Software Design & Test

4.     Functional Safety on product and production level
a.     Integration of Reliability in Design to Enhance Functional Safety
b.     Safety in the Production, Operation and Maintenance

5.     Legal Aspects of Functional Safety
a.     Legal aspects and Liabilities
b.     Regulatory & Qualification Requirements

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